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In a joint venture with Av8jet, Par Avion Ltd. Low total time, nicely optioned and well Paul and the Los S Owner U.

1981 Cessna 172 for lease

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cessna lease

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cessna lease

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cessna lease

Read More. Get Started. Expertise You Trust. View Our Inventory. Citation Latitude The Next Generation Take your mission further in the most spacious, cutting edge Citation in the sky. Service Keeping your aircraft flying We are committed to serving you and your needs, ensuring you are performing at your peak. Here are some of the qualities that differentiate us from our competitors: Instruction tailored to the way you learn Proprietary best-in-class training tools--Level D full flight simulators to next generation training devices to computer-based learning FAA approved distance learning for recurrent training ground school from home Highly experienced, current instructor pilots Cessna and Beechcraft factory supported pilot training Learn More.We noticed you're using an unsupported browser which may result in limited or no functionality for portions of our website.

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Cessna Citation CJ3+ for Sale

G Avionics. Wheel Gear. Call for Details. Just in time for summer float flying, Wipaire is happy to present this Executive equipped Cessna amphibian, Garm CT USA.Inquire for pilot qualifications and lease rates.

For your leased hours, you are operating the plane as if you are the owner and can experience aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost. We adhere to the FAA truth in leasing policies. See FAA advisory circular A. Sorry for the delayed response.

cessna lease

Your comment was unfortunately buried in spam. This can be purchased in 10 hour blocks. There are block pricing discounts at 10 and 20 hour blocks. There are only four leases allowed per insurance requirements. This also ensures everyone has easy and convenient access as if they are an owner. If you are interested in 50 hours, we could discuss further discounts. Call Thank you for your inquiry! Hi, I am a private pilot based in Ontario Canada.

I have a multi rating and group 3 ifr. I am interested in renting or leasing with a qualified pilot. My flight instructor has over hours. I would like to lease for one year with appr. Is it possible? I am interested in c Andy Clark says: March 26, at am Reply. Commercial pilot thinking about leasing, probably 50 hours. Wondering what the rate might be?

Narrator says: May 29, at am Reply. Hi Andy, Sorry for the delayed response. Yuriy Kononyuk says: June 29, at am Reply. Narrator says: December 2, at am Reply. Bruce DeBolt says: October 6, at am Reply. Leave a comment:. Your name.Discussion in ' Flight Following ' started by mcoflyerOct 29, Log in or Sign up. Pilots of America. I'm going to be doing some time-building in the spring to be able to reach the minimums for my commercial.

Is this unheard of or are there people out there willing to do it? Also, what kind of restrictions would I face from the FAA? Give us the area you are looking for the airplane. Look for aircraft for sale ,you may work out a deal ,waiting for the plane to sell. I'm in Central Florida. Kiddo's DriverOct 29, It doesn't have to be in Central Florida. I can fly anywhere preferably within a nm radius and just tie down the plane at an airport by where I live for the month I lease it.

I'm pretty sure I could get a free tie down as long as I buy fuel there on an almost daily basis while I fly it. Right now I have about hours. About in a C, and the rest in a Comanche and a Piper Lance. By the time i'm ready to do this in the spring i'll have around and my IR done. I'd probably find someone to do it with safety pilot time in order to reduce expenses even more. Paging Dr. Henning to the "someone might pay money fly your " courtesy phone AggieMike88Oct 29, Not really interested in paying to build time in a multi at this point.

But who is Dr Henning? I might fly with you a little over the winter and spring. I fly several times a week and like the company. I'm at PCM. TheboysOct 29, HenningOct 29, On the typical dry lease you're going to cover the annuals and hrs, you wear the tires you replace them, etc The lessor will cover Overhaul.

Best bet go search all the N numbers in your area on the FAA site and send out letters, ask around the airport etc. There are some companies one big one in OK that lease out trainers, doubt they would be game for a one monther though.

Cessna 182 for Sale

ChitDisturberOct 29, It could be reduced to 2 weeks, I would just have to fly hours a day to make it work, but still possible. So it can be arranged either way. Think it's possible? Well here ya go They will probably want a minimum amount of hours a month and they might want more then a one month commitment.

ChitDisturberOct 30, I'm going to email them and see what they say. Last edited: Oct 31, CPOct 31, Tired of flying the same old airplane you trained in? Give us a call and try something new. Alliance Flight Training offers a diverse fleet of airplanes for rent. We have aircraft from Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus, and Grumman. We make it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental right here on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Next time just grab the keys and the clipboard and go. Owning an aircraft is expensive. Renting an aircraft distributes the fixed costs among many folks. Sometimes it does make sense to own and lease an aircraft. When you are faced with the decision about whether to purchase an aircraft or rent one, make a checklist. Here are some things to consider:. Aircraft Rental. Rent vs. Own Comparison.

If you fly once or twice a month for pleasure only, ownership will probably not make good financial sense. How often would you like to fly? If you believe that the availability of an aircraft seven days per week, 24 hours a day might change how much flying you do, a purchase should at least be considered, but a word of caution is necessary: Many pilots fool themselves into thinking that owning an airplane will increase the number of hours they fly.

What kind of budget can you allocate to flying? Are you flying only when you have enough cash left over at the end of each month, or do you have a set amount regularly committed to flying? Is the flying business-related, personal, or some of each?

If you had the availability of an aircraft, would you fly more on business and take more vacations than you do now? How many people do you normally carry? Can you carry a few of the comrades along on a business trip to share expenses? Would you take more family trips if you had room for all the family members? How fussy are you about appearance and working order of components?

What it Costs to Own Your Own Airplane - the real breakdown

Are you willing to make some personal sacrifices to fly? Can you get along with an older car if that helps you afford an airplane? What does the ego want to fly?

Will you be happy owning a Cessna when you really want a Cessna ? Now is the time to be honest with oneself. Is the thrill of a high-performance aircraft, or in the case of a Cessnaan extra engine, really worth the extra expense?

How do you feel about sharing? Would a partnership work for you? Do you like sharing, or would this defeat the purpose in buying in the first place?

What is the availability of aircraft rentals at the local airport? If you can find a variety of aircraft locally that offer good availability as well, it might make more sense to rent.Leasing is a great way to expand your flight school to meet demand without tying up capital, or locking your school into a purchase. Leasing provides a way for flight schools to respond quickly to demand to increase your cash flow without forcing your business to accept a burdensome level of debt.

We provide a simple aircraft Lease, which is very similar to what the airlines do with jets and jet engines, and what companies do with business jets and helicopters. The minimum hours per month is typically based on what the flight school has historically flown, and what they expect to fly going forward, and we work with schools to allow flexibility you can credit unused hours to the following month.

There are tax issues associated with this type of relationship which are complicated and better left to tax professionals. We focus on flight schools that want to maximize the use of their aircraft. In a typical Leaseback the owner often thinks of the aircraft as if it were his Ferrari, and conflicts can result when a flight school wants to fly the aircraft fifty to one-hundred hours a month. On the other hand with our leases we want you to make as much money on each aircraft as possible!

Of course when rates are low it can be possible to purchase and finance an aircraft for less than the cost of a lease. This also provides a hedge against unexpected events that could lead to a drop in pilot demand. Unfortunately, we have been around long enough to see wars and global conflicts, the banking crisis, spikes in the price of oil, and other unexpected economic events lead to a crash in the demand for pilots.

In these times the ability to simply give back an aircraft at the end of the lease term can be a blessing. Training Aircraft Lease. Why Lease? Get a Quote.

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